1. Q. What is a good age to begin taking guitar lessons?
    A. When it comes to this question, everyone is different but in my opinion, if you can hold the guitar in your hands, you are good to go! As for the other end of it, you are never to old to start something new. I teach ALL ages.
2. Q. How much practice time will be necessary?
    A. Again, this varies from one person to another but I always recommend 1 hour everyday if you want to make good progress. The most impor tant thing is to put the guitar in your hands everyday, even if it is only for a few minutes.
3. Q. Should I start with an acoustic or electric guitar?
    A. This one is totally a matter of preference. Both instruments are very different and require different techniques to play them. Usually, most of my students end up playing both.
4. Q. Do I need to be able to read music to play guitar?
    A. No. Reading music is a wonderful skill to have but is in no way necessary to be able to play guitar. Many of the greatest players in the world have never been able to read a single note.
5. Q. How long should my lessons be and how often?
    A. Personally, I am a big fan of 1 hour lessons once a week as it allows the student enough time to ensure that they fully understand the material before going home to practice it by themselves. With some people however, half an hour is sufficient. This is sometimes true with young children who may find it difficult to focus for a full hour.
6. Q. How much should I pay for my first guitar?
    A. Obviously this will be different for everyone based on financial ability, but for those who want to be as economical as possible, I recommend staying in the $200-$400 range. Sometimes good used instruments can be purchased for even less and I have even seen good quality brand new ones for as little as $99. It pays to shop around and it is my policy to help you in your search for the right guitar.
7. Q. Will I need to buy any books for my lessons?
    A. No. All lesson material will be provided for you. Some of my students, howev er, do purchase song books by a particular band that they like but it is not required.